13. August 2014

Fast & light on the Escapardenne Eisleck Trail

The Escapardenne Eisleck Trail runs around 130 km from Kautenbach in Luxemburg to La-Roche-En-Ardenne in France and is an ideal trail to hike in four to six days. A a very well marked trail the Eisleck is well suited for beginners, but also trekking experts will enjoy the beautiful scenery along the trail, and the option to have a tasty piece of cake for lunch and a delicious Belgium beer with dinner! Along the Ourthe Parts of the trail run along the L'Ourthe. Trail Others through beautiful broad-leafed forests. Clervaux You can pass villages by... Houffalize ... or visit them to resupply. Maboge Others you see from far away, idyllic nestled in small valleys. Open Home You can stay on camping places... Locus Gear Khufu eVent II ... or camp wild in the forests. Rainbow over Munshausen As it's a watershed there's a lot of rain. Lunas'n'Hail Or hail. Field I But often the dark clouds just run by. Nice views So you can enjoy the views. It's suggested you hike it in five days, though you can do it in four if you're fast or more days if you'd like to take it all in. There's possibilities for resupplies along the way, as well as Cafés that serve cake and coffee. You're supposed to stay on the camping places, which cost between 10 and 20€ a night. But wild camping is a possibility and there's plenty of beautiful spots along the trail. More information as well as maps you can find at www.escapardenne.eu.


  1. do you have a packing list to share? interested in some of the things you use... and of course curious to know how much your backpack weighs - greetings

    1. I don't have a packing list, sorry. But ask what you're curious about and I'll try to answer =)